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    Visiting International Academic Staff

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    Welcome International Academic Staff!

    We at the ISSO hope that your stay in Ithaca is rewarding. To facilitate your search for suitable housing, we have provided information here on the wide variety of housing available in Ithaca. We hope this will help you whether your stay is only 2 weeks or more than 2 years.


    When you first arrive in Ithaca, you may want to stay at a hotel or other short-term housing while you look for a longer term housing situation. At the hotels, you can expect to pay from $75 to $150 dollars per night. Most are not within walking distance but are a short bus ride to campus. You can find listings for many hotels at the following web site:


    Maplewood Park Apartments:

    For visiting international academic staff who are coming alone and staying for less than six months Cornell offers a shared housing situation in the Maplewood apartments. Each visitor has a private bedroom and shares the furnished living room and kitchen with three other visitors of the same gender. There are two bathrooms in the apartment. The cost is $725 per month (Current rate through June 30, 2012). It is located on the edge of campus, within walking distance and the bus line. There is a required two-week minimum stay. For those staying less than a month, the cost per night is $34. (Current rate through June 30, 2012). Monthly and nightly amount may increase without notice. Please be aware that you will be required to pay the current monthly or nightly fee.

    If you would like to make a reservation in the Maplewood apartments, contact Missy Riker via email at, or by phone at 607-255-5368. Availability of rooms changes quickly due to high demand, and so it is recommended that you request a reservation as early as possible.

    Other Short-term Housing Options:

    For other short term housing options please check out the visit ithaca website.


    On-Campus Housing:

    Contact the Housing Office:
    206 Robert Purcell Community Center
    ph: 607-255-5368;

    Off-Campus Housing:

    Contact the Off Campus Housing Office (OCHO):
    401 Willard Straight Hall
    Ph: 607-254-8718
    Off-Campus Housing Website

    ISSO Off-Campus Housing Information:

    There is a wide variety of housing available in Ithaca, from rooms or apartments in houses to apartment complexes. Some have beautiful views and some are inexpensive basement apartments. Some apartments are within walking distance (sometimes up hill) and others are on a bus route or within a short drive. If you want to secure an apartment before you arrive in Ithaca, you may want to rely on the good reputation of some of the apartment complexes. If you want to find an apartment in a house, it is better to come to Ithaca first and look at several apartments before choosing one. Also keep in mind, initial expenses are high for all apartments whether in a house or in an apartment complex. You should be prepared to pay the security deposit and rent immediately upon signing a lease. Total expenses, including purchase of household items, may add up to well over $2,500.



    Apartment complexes are an apartment building or group of apartment buildings all managed by an owner or company. Below is link to a list of apartment complexes and the contact information for them.

    check the off campus housing web site for information on Apartment Complexes


    While you can get a lot of information about apartment complexes before you arrive, if you are interested in finding an apartment in an individually owned house, it may be best to wait until you are in Ithaca so that you look at several apartments before choosing one.


    No matter which type of housing you choose, it is helpful to know a little about the location and character of the neighborhoods surrounding Cornell.

    Lots of undergraduates live here because they love the proximity to restaurants, bars, and of course, school. It is loud, and there is no shortage of parties. The walk to campus is short and flat.

    Belle Sherman is a small area just above Collegetown that tends to be much quieter and has more local residents. It is named for the excellent elementary school right in the middle of it.

    East Hill Plaza Area / Snyder Hill / Ellis Hollow is east of Belle Sherman and beyond that is Snyder Hill and Ellis Hollow. Maplewood and Fairview Apartments mark the beginning of this area, still within walking distance to campus. There are also buses to this area.

    North Campus / Cayuga Heights/ Forest Home is a quiet area north of campus there are a many big, beautiful houses inhabited by professors and graduate students. There are some rooms and apartments in houses here as well as a few apartment complexes: Brooklane, The Villager, Pine Hill, Lansing West.

    Northeast Ithaca is a large area with many apartment complexes. For families with children, the Northeast has the elementary school with the best English as a Second Language program. Buses or cars are necessary to get to campus. Apartment complexes in this area include: Gaslight Village, Lucente Apartments & Homes, Northwood, University Park Apartments, and Warrenwood.

    Fall Creek is at the bottom of the hill just west of campus. It is a quiet area, ideal for families and grads. The walk to school is a bit long and steep, but there are many buses.

    West Campus / Gun Hill is where most graduate and undergraduate students live. The walk to campus is short but steep. Complexes in this area include: Cliffside, Gun Hill, Hillside Inn, Ithaca Rentals.

    South Hill is across Six Mile Creek, south of Collegetown tends to be quiet, although some areas have Ithaca College students and can be noisy. There are many apartments in houses. The walk is long but relatively flat and there are buses available.

    Downtown is a lovely flat area of town. You can find any size apartment, from studios and one-bedrooms, to whole houses for rent. There are frequent buses from downtown to Cornell.

    Contact ISSO with any questions