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  • STEM fields eligible for the 17 month extension of F-1 OPT

    OPT 17 month extension Application Packet

    Questions about the 17-month extension, read here.

    STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) fields

    The major field names listed on your F-1 I-20 are NOT the department or major field names we have at Cornell. The names of the fields we have to use on your I-20 are based on the "CIP" (Classification of Instructional Programs) codes identified by the U.S. Federal Government. The codes have a number and a field name. Below are the field names and codes identified by the immigration service as eligible for the new 17 month extension of OPT.

    To determine what field name is on your I-20, look at the field name identified in Item 5 on your I-20. On any I-20s produced after April 18, 2008, the numerical code is listed along with the field name at the top of page 3 of your I-20.

    Find the list of fields that qualify for the 17 month extension here

    CIP Code web site