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  • J-1 Student Transfer of Schools or Program Sponsor

    Cornell J-1 Student Request Form

    If you are a J-1 student at another institution, or if you are a J-1 student currently Cornell but on another sponsoring agency's DS-2019 (such as IIE, the Department of State, or Ford Foundation) you may be able to transfer to a Cornell issued DS-2019.

    The exchange visitor who wishes to transfer to or from another institution or sponsoring agency must have his/her current program sponsor's permission. Permission to transfer is granted only if the transfer contributes to the realization of the exchange visitor's original purpose in coming to the U.S. Application for permission to transfer is made with Form DS-2019 from the new sponsor.

    If you are transferring to a Cornell DS-2019, you will need to fill in the Cornell J-1 Student Request Form including the J-1 transfer form on the last page.

    Check with the ISSO for further information if you intend to transfer programs.