J-1 Academic Staff Check-In

Cornell-sponsored J-1 exchange visitors (except J students) must complete the immigration check-in/orientation process outlined below.
STEP 1: After you arrive in the U.S., access your electronic I-94 Record of Entry through http://www.cbp.gov/I94 using information from your passport. Write down the 11-digit number on the I-94 and confirm that “J-1” is the class of admission and “D/S” is the “Admit Until” date. Take a screen shot of the I-94, or print the I-94. You must complete this first step before you can proceed with the check-in process.
STEP 2: Complete and submit on-line check-in form. (Except J Student Interns and J Transfer-In's, see alternate process described below.)
STEP 3: Attend a mandatory Orientation session. At Orientation, we will: sign your original DS-2019 to permit travel in and out of the U.S. during the exchange program; provide information about applying for a U.S. social security, including a SSN verification letter, if necessary; and provide information about our campus and community.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Orientation 276 Caldwell Hall, Bi-weekly Tuesday's, 9 -10 am.

2019 Dates:

May 7 & 21

June 4 & 18

July 2 & 16 & 30

August 6 & 20

J student Intern and Transfer-In check-in process Bring original DS-2019, copies of passport photo and visa page, and I-94 to the Office of Global Learning, B50 Caldwell Hall. To save time, you may request a copy of  the J-1 check-in form in advance.