Arrival Checklist

Review and understand your visa documents

Important documents include your passport, DS-2019 (for J1's), I-797 Approval Notice (for H1B's & O1's), the I-94 arrival/departure card, and your visa stamp. Keep these documents current and be aware of their lengths of validity, expiration dates, and your responsibilities and obligations.

Report to your department

When you arrive in Ithaca, your department's human resources representative will provide you with information about your workspace, your e-mail account, Cornell ID Card, computer, and other University and departmental hiring procedures. Your human resources representative will also arrange an appointment with the University Onboarding Center, if one is required.

You may also be asked to obtain an Immigration Status Verification Form from the Office of Global Learning, before your Cornell appointment can be finalized.

Check In with the Office of Global Learning

  • For J1 visitors, please see check-in/orientation procedure
  • For H1B Temporary Workers and O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability: I-797 Approval Notice and I-94 number - visit B50 Caldwell Hall during advising hours
  • For E3 workers (Australians only): copy of ETA 9035 and I-94 number - visit B50 Caldwell Hall during advising hours

Ithaca Housing
If you need to find off-campus housing, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Check out the Off-Campus Living website. You will find:
    • A searchable database of available housing in the Ithaca area
    • Budget and lease/rental agreement information
    • Tips on handling problems with your landlord
    • A rental property inventory and condition checklist and much more.
  1. Check print and online classified ads:

Public Transportation
Ithaca employees with a Staff or Faculty Cornell University ID card may ride TCAT buses (Cornell Campus and Ithaca area only), Monday-Friday for free. For schedules, please go to the TCAT website. Further information regarding transportation is available at the Cornell Transportation website.

Driver's License
New York State honors all valid foreign drivers' licenses, as long as you have a certified English translation. Please ask the ISSO where you can obtain a certified translation. Scholars whose documents list a program period for one year or more and valid six months or more into the future may apply for a New York State driver's license. For more information, please visit the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles website. New York State ID cards for non-drivers may also be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Open a Bank Account
Most people have a checking account for paying monthly bills, but checks are not widely used for everyday purchases. A credit card, a debit card and/or cash will be more convenient for most purchases. Fees will vary for bank and credit card services. Don't forget to ask about the fee for wire transfers!

Ithaca Banks

  • HSBC Bank: 300 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca NY 14850, (800) 975-HSBC

Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)
You may apply in person for a permanent Social Security Number at the Social Security Administration Office located at 127 West State Street, 2nd floor, (607) 256-3651. Please take the following documents with you:

  • I-94 (Arrival Card)
  • DS-2019 or H1B approval notice
  • Passport
  • Immigration Status Verification slip from ISSO (J1's only)

You will need to complete a simple form. The actual number (card) will be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.

Benefits Enrollment
Many employees paid by the university are eligible for benefits (i.e. health and life insurance, dental and eye coverage, etc.). If you are eligible for and elect to receive benefits, you need to complete enrollment forms and attend a benefits enrollment session. Your human resource representative will assist you with this.

Purchase Health Insurance
Purchase health insurance for yourself (and your dependents) if not covered by your university benefits package, as a part of your appointment. You may be eligible to purchase Cornell University health insurance. Please see your department's Human Resources representative for detailsIf not eligible for Cornell University insurance, you will need to purchase independent health insurance. The ISSO carries brochures for a number of companies who offer short-term health insurance programs for visitors. We do not, however, recommend any particular company. Check out any potential health insurance plan in detail to make sure that it will cover you fully, BEFORE purchasing it. To compare plans from various companies, please visit

Minimum Level of Insurance Coverage Required (J1 Visa Holders)

  1. medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
  2. repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000
  3. expenses associated with the medical evacuation to home country in the amount of $50,000
  4. a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness

For more information on the insurance requirement, please see our page on Health Insurance Requirements for J1 Exchange Visitors, and the relevant section of the regulation (22 CFR 62.14).

Building a Culture of Respect

As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Cornell now requires that all employees take the on line course, Building a Culture of Respect. This course addresses how to respond should you learn a member of our community has experienced any type of sexual violence or stalking. It also lets faculty and staff know how to file a complaint. To access the course, go to: and search for HR 200- Building a Culture of Respect at Cornell Tutorial. The course will take 45 to 50 minutes to complete, and must be completed within 30 days of the start of your employment.

Report Address Changes to ISSO
US law requires all international visitors to report your new permanent home addresses to either the ISSO or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) within 10 days of moving to your address and every time that you move or change home address within the US. The reporting location depends on your visa type.

J-1 visiting scholars and family members must report address changes to the ISSO. Submit your address change on our website. We will then update your SEVIS record and that will fulfill your immigration obligation.

Tax Withholding and Treaty Benefits

Tax Withholding and Treaty Benefits

When you meet with your Human Resources representative you will be asked to complete a Foreign National Questionnaire form. Access to the on-line Questionnaire can be obtained by sending an e-mail requesting a username and password to; NOTE:  Prior to leaving Cornell University, be sure to update your address in Workday or the Student Center to be sure you receive tax reporting documents that are needed to complete annual tax filings. 

Tax Reporting Requirements
Most international visitors (students, scholars, researchers, professors, etc.) residing in the U.S. (even on a temporary basis) are required to file some IRS (U.S. Internal Revenue Service) tax forms. Tax forms are due on April 15 for the previous year (i.e. on April 15, 2012, for the 2011 tax/calendar year). Try to educate yourself about your tax obligations as the Spring "tax season" approaches. In February of each year, tax information will be sent via ISSO's list-serve and will also be posted on the ISSO website reminding you about the tax requirements and forms as well as information about our tax software and New York State information sessions.

Transportation and Parking

Buses: TCAT (Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit) maintains bus routes both on and off campus. Electronic system maps, bus schedules, and information on buses and fares are available online at the TCAT website.

You can find hard copies of maps and individual bus schedules:

  • on buses
  • at select bus stops (posted, not for pick-up)
  • at the Ticket Office, Willard Straight Hall
  • at Cornell Transportation Services, 116 Maple Ave.
  • at the TCAT Facility, 737 Willow Avenue (Downtown)

Bus passes: Visit the Cornell transportation website to buy an Omni Ride bus pass for a semester or year or go to the TCAT website for information on weekly and monthly passes (also available at Willard Straight Hall).

Parking: To find information about undergraduate and graduate commuting options, on-campus parking, or access for persons with disabilities, visit the Cornell transportation website.

Bus & Ride: Ride a bus and take your bike with you! TCAT buses feature bike racks available on a first come, first served basis at no cost. Remember to register your bike with Cornell Transportation Services and ask them for a cycling area map with convenient routes.