Invite or Extend a J1 Visitor

Initial Request (Professor, Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar)

To invite an international academic visitor on a J1 visa, the human resources representative of the host department must complete our online request form:

Correction of Initial Request

    Extension Request

    If you are a human resources representative extending the stay of a J1 exchange visitor who is already here, please complete the J1 Scholar Extension Request Form using the link below. You will receive an email confirmation upon submission.

    Before submitting a request for a J-1 program extension, please verify that your Exchange Visitor is eligible for an extension. Time limits are noted below:

    • Professors and Research Scholars - 5 years maximum
    • Short Term Scholars - 6 months maximum
    • Those who hold the Cornell University Title: Intern - 12 month maximum

    If the data provided below is not sufficient to identify the visitor, we will contact you directly. We will not extend J status unless the request comes directly from the responsible HR representative. Please allow five business days for processing.

    Please DO NOT send confidential biometric data (date of birth, SSN, country of birth).

    Transfer-In Request

    To transfer a J1 Research Scholar or J1 Professor from another institution to Cornell (transfer-in), please complete the J1 Academic Staff Initial Request Form. Additionally, please complete a J-1 Transfer-In Form

    • The Office of Global Learning will not be able to prepare a DS-2019 form for a Transfer-In J1, until the other Program Sponsor "releases" the SEVIS record to us. This will most often be the date that the Cornell appointment begins.
    • J-1 students are not eligible to Transfer-In to Cornell J Program as a J1 Professor, Research Scholar, Short Term Scholar or Intern.

    Workflow Process

    1. Complete and submit the appropriate online form. If applicable, forward the J1 Scholar Transfer-In Form to the Office of Global Learning once your initial request has been submitted.
    2. You can monitor the status of initial requests at J1 Academic Staff Initial Request Transactions. Extension requests can not be monitored electronically; allow 5 business days  before inquiring about a submitted extension request.
    3. After the Office of Global Learning receives the request, we will prepare the DS-2019 form. If it is an initial request, we will send the new DS-2019 directly to the visitor, along with an information packet which contains housing contacts, instructions on how to obtain the J1 visa and an explanation of the health insurance requirement. If it is an extension request, we will email the J1 visitor to come to the Office of Global Learningto pick up the new form.
    4. For initial visitors, the DS-2019 form will enable the visitor to secure a J1 visa from the US Consulate.
    5. The initial visitor enters the US using the valid passport, J1 visa stamp, and Form DS-2019. All newly arrived J1 exchange visitors are required to check in on-line (except J-1 transfer-ins and J Student Interns, who must check-in at the Office of Global Learning)