Law 6730

Law 6730: Multi-Cultural Work Environments I & II

Course Information and Registration Instructions

Faculty: John DeRosa, Law School

Please read this page thoroughly BEFORE registering.

The law faculty offers a course in the law school to encourage multicultural work experience: Multicultural Work Environments I & II. Professor John DeRosa will teach the course. This course DOES enable international students in F1 visa status to use Curricular Practical Training work authorization.

Eligibility & Procedures

The course is open only to those students who will be working during the summer in a country other than that of their citizenship. Course II is open only to those students who have completed course I. Each is a one (1)-credit, S/U course and may be taken as an elective in addition to the required degree credits. The course grade will appear on the student's transcript. Students working for private law firms must receive financial compensation.

Registration for Law 6730 for Summer internships will open February 1 every year. The registration deadline is June 1 every year.


Registration occurs in the spring, with a grade posted in the fall after the requirements are satisfied. Prior to registering for the course, students must obtain a summer internship offer. The internship may be in an organization which previously employed the student, but the position and work assignments should not substantially duplicate earlier work for the organization. Once that has been done, registration can be done online on this web site. In the online registration, include your exact start and end dates and the locations at which you will be working (not company headquarters or a PO Box mailing address). The start date cannot be before your last exam of the Spring semester, and the end date cannot be after the start of classes in the Fall.

A few days after you register on line for the course, you will receive an approval email from International Services. You will then need to come to 300 Caldwell Hall in order to obtain your new I-20 with your work authorization. You must hand in a copy of your job offer letter when you pick up your updated I-20. You will need this new I-20 on your first day of work. More information about Curricular Practical Training work authorization is available here. Visit us to discuss any questions you have about CPT or email

You MUST notify the Law School Registrar and Professor DeRosa if you change or drop the internship after registration. The internship may not be extended beyond the summer, and you may not drop the course after completing the internship without invalidating your work authorization and jeopardizing your legal status in the U.S..

Registration Form

Objective & Assignment

The goal of this course is to promote an understanding of the challenges encountered in the work environment as a result of cultural differences. To that end, students are required to complete a 10-page paper by September 15 following their summer internship.

One approach is to compare the attitudes and interactions encountered during the internship to those of the student's country of origin. The paper can focus on such areas as hierarchies, gender roles, time management, communication channels and styles, teamwork, or other aspects of work life. In addition to identifying these differences, the paper should explore (a) what assumptions the student brought to the new environment, (b) how cultural differences affected the student's integration into the workplace, and (c) how cultural differences affect productivity.

A second approach may be taken by students with prior legal work experience in another country. These papers can address the broader issues of how different environmental factors (e.g., legal/regulatory, demographic, technological, socio/political) affect work in the two settings.

It is a good idea to keep a journal during the internship to record the situations and observations on which the final paper will be based. Students may meet individually with the teacher to review the outline of their course paper prior to the September 15, deadline. Revisions may be required before the final grade is posted.