NMI 5100

NMI 5100: Multi-Cultural Work Environments

Course Information and Registration Instructions

Johnson Graduate School of Management, Sage Hall

Faculty: Barbara Mink (Sage Hall 441, bem5@cornell.edu, ext. 5-7372)

Please read this page thoroughly BEFORE registering

Eligibility & Procedures

This course is open only to graduate students who will be working in the summer of 2019 in a country other than that of their citizenship or past work experience. NMI 5100 is a 1 credit, S/U course. Registration occurs in the Spring 2019 with a grade posted in the Fall of 2019 after the requirements are satisfied. Prior to registering for the course, students must obtain a summer internship offer and complete the information on the registration web page (link available below).

The deadline to register for NMI 5100 is June 21st. Registration is Now Open.

In your CPT request, you must include your exact start and end dates and the location at which you will work (not company headquarters or a mailing address like a PO box). The start date cannot be before your last exam of the Spring semester, and the end date cannot be later than August 25, 2019.

A few days after you register on line for the course, you will receive an approval email from the Office of Global Learning. You will then need to come to 300 Caldwell Hall to pick up your new I-20 with the work authorization--you will need this on your first day of work. You must hand in a copy of your job offer letter when you pick up your updated I-20. Visit us to discuss any questions you have about CPT or email international@cornell.edu For questions related to the Johnson course registration, contact Kathryn Diane Kvasnica at Johnson.More information about Curricular Practical Training work authorization is available here

You MUST notify Professor Mink and International Services if you change or drop the internship after registration. The internship may not be extended beyond the summer, and you may not drop the course after completing the internship without invalidating your work authorization and jeopardizing your legal status in the US.

Objective & Assignment

The goal of this course is to promote an understanding of the challenges encountered in the work environment as a result of cultural differences. To that end, you are required to complete an 8-10 page (ca. 2,000 word) paper following the summer internship that explores these differences. Pick from ONE of the options listed below.

Option 1 calls for you to compare the work environments in your internship firm and in some other organization where you have worked in another country. If you choose this option, you should identify and discuss a few of the most relevant issues (e.g., hierarchies, time management, teamwork, communication channels and styles, gender roles, measures of success, etc.).

Option 2 is suitable for students who have prior work experience the same field or industry as the internship—but whose prior experience took place in a country different from the one where the internship took place. If you choose this option, you should focus on the work environments in the different settings and analyze how particular factors (e.g., legal/regulatory, demographic, technological, cultural, political, etc.) affect the industry in the two countries.

Option 3 is suitable for students who may have found few national cultural differences in the country in which their internship took place and the country where they may have had prior work experience (e.g., the U.S. vs. Canada) but who still want to compare the significant contrasts in the work environments that they have experienced. If you choose this option, you should consider focusing on the corporate cultural differences that you have encountered: e.g., large firm vs. small; high-tech vs. banking, etc.

The deadline to register for NMI 5100 is June 21st. Registration is Now Open

Papers will be due Friday, September 13, 2019 by the end of day.