J1 Student Work

On-Campus Employment

Enrolled J1 students on a Cornell DS-2019 may be paid for work on the Cornell campus up to 20 hours per week. You may work at any type of job on campus; it does not have to be in your field of study. While classes are in session during the fall or spring semesters or if you are registered during the summer, you may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

May not work more than 20 hours per week: If you work over 20 hours per week in any week while you are registered, this is a serious violation of your immigration status and can have serious consequences. If you think this has happened, you must speak to an immigration advisor at the Office of Global Learning. During your winter and summer break, if you are not registered, you may work full-time (any amount over 20 hours per week).

J1 Students On Campus Work Authorization Procedure: J1 students who are on a Cornell DS-2019 form need to obtain a “J1 student employment authorization letter” from the Office of Global Learning BEFORE you may start working. Please complete and send the emailed J1 Student On Campus Work Authorization Request form here. Once we complete your request, we will email you to come into the Office of Global Learning in 300 Caldwell Hall. You will need to bring your proof of your employment with you when you pick up the authorization letter. Proof of employment could be a job offer or confirmation letter or an email printed out.

J1 students who are not on a Cornell issued DS-2019 will need authorization from your J1 sponsor (e.g. IIE, Fulbright, etc.). You may or may not be able to have an on campus employment, depending on your sponsor’s policies.

Off-Campus Work Authorization for J1 Students on Cornell Issued DS-2019s (called "Academic Training")

Print J1 Student Academic Training Application

What is J1 Student Academic Training?

J1 student academic training is a type of employment directly related to your major area of study that is authorized by your J1 program sponsor who issues your DS-2019 form.  It is designed for students to apply knowledge and skills learned at school. If your DS-2019 form was issued by an agency other than Cornell, you need to ask your sponsoring agency whether you can apply for J1 Academic Training.

  • Who May Engage in J1 Academic Training?

    All J1 students on a Cornell issued DS-2019, who are in degree or non-degree programs, may apply for academic training either during the course of study or after completion of studies.  J1 students may work part-time while school is in session and full-time during the summer and winter breaks.

  • Approval from International Services

    To qualify for J1 academic training, you must first obtain approval in writing from International Services.  If your J1 sponsor is another agency, you need to ask your sponsoring agency whether you can apply for J1 academic training.

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible:
    1) You must be in good academic standing at Cornell.
    2) The proposed employment must be directly related to your major field of study as confirmed by your academic advisor.

  • Duration / Timing of Academic Training

    1) Your academic training may not exceed the amount of time it took for you to complete your full course of study, or 18 months, whichever is shorter.  If you receive a PhD, however, your post-doctoral training may last as long as 36 months.

    2) Part-time employment for "academic training" counts against the 18 or 36 month limit the same as full-time employment.

    3) You may have only one opportunity for academic training regardless how many degrees you receive.

    4) Academic training before completion of studies will be deducted from the total 18 or 36 months.

  • How to Apply

    1) You must apply for academic training before the ending date on your DS-2019 and the job must begin no more than 30 days after you complete your program.

    2) You will need a job offer letter from your prospective employer on company letterhead.

    3) Print out the Academic Training application, fill it your part, have your academic advisor fill out their section.

    4) Bring the job offer letter and the application to the ISSO and speak to the advisor on duty.

    5) The ISSO advisor will give you an updated DS-2019 form and a letter authorizing the employment.