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  • General Tax Information for International Students
    and Visiting Academic Staff

    Download this tax information as a handout here.

    Deadline: April 15, 2015

    Tax Form Filing Time in the U.S.: In the U.S., everyone files tax forms that are due mid-April. This year the tax forms are due April 15, 2015.

    Do I need to file if I didn't receive income?

    TAX FAQ: Frequently asked questions: Click here.

    Click here for information on getting an extension for filing.

    ISSO Provides TAX software for Internationals--available March 6!

    The ISSO provides FREE access to tax software to Cornell International students and employees for filing your Federal Tax Forms as long as you continue to be a "non-resident for U.S. federal tax purposes." The tax software will determine this or you can follow the link at the left entitled, "Non-Resident or Resident." You will still be able to use the software if you have graduated from Cornell if you are still a non-resident for tax purposes. Read the details here.

    TAX Software: TAX Software will be available March 6th!!!. You should NOT use the software until you have ALL your forms to use it! You You should get a W-2 form from your employer if your worked in the US in 2014 and YOU MUST DETERMINE whether you are going to receive a 1042-S BEFORE you start using the software. Cornell does not send out the 1042-S forms until March 3, 2015. Contact the Cornell Tax compliance office if you think you might be getting a 1042-S or you are not sure.

    Click here to use GTP non-resident tax software

    WARNING: If you are a U.S. NON-Resdident for tax purposes, do NOT use TURBO TAX or other U.S. resident tax software!!!!! As a NON-resident for tax purposes, you are required to file NON-resident tax forms, and these resident softwares do not correctly identify your tax status.

    Do I need to file tax forms if I didn't receive any income?: All internationals residing in the U.S. must file at least one tax form—the 8843—and the software WILL help you do that or you can download the form from our website.

    W-2 and 1042-S:

    W-2 and 1042-S: In the U.S., employers issue anyone who works during any calendar year a "W-2" which they then mail to you in January after the end of the calendar year. While you are an "non-resident" for federal tax purposes, if you receive non-wage income, or if you have any type of income (including wages) that is tax exempt because your country has a tax treaty with the U.S., then you should receive a "1042-S" which is mailed out in March.

    **W-2 and 1042-S: Please contact the payroll office of Cornell (255-5194 for W-2 questions; call 255-9465 or email for 1042-S questions) or your other employer if you have not yet received the W-2 or 1042-S or if you have any questions about these forms.

    New York State Tax forms:

    After you have filled out the federal forms, find out if you need to fill out tax forms for the state of New York by reading here. You will not be able to complete your New York State (NYS) tax form until you have first completed your federal tax form. We have a New York State Tax filing web page with handouts and powerpoints and workshops to help you with the New York State forms.

    Extension of Tax Forms Due Date: Need an extension of the tax deadline? Check here: